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    July/August 2014

    NHCMA 23rd 2010 Annual Competition Winners are announced!

    Male Vocalist New Country - Eric Grant
    Male Entertainer New Country - Laroux Douglas
    Male Vocalist Traditional - Bill Grover
    Male Entertainer Traditional - Richard Zecchino
    Female Vocalist New Country - Natatie Turgeon
    Female Entertainer New Country - Natatie Turgeon
    17-20 Female Vocalist New Country - Whitney Doucet
    17-20 Female Entertainer New Country - Whitney Doucet
    13-16 Female Vocalist New Country - Ashley Miles
    13-16 Female Entertainer New Country - Ashley Miles
    13-16 Female Vocalist Traditional - Ashley Miles
    13-16 Female Entertainer Traditional - Ashley Miles
    Duo of the Year - Mel and Kevin Sousa
    Band of the Year New Country - Eric Grant Band
    Vocal Group - Eric Grant Group

    Songwriter of the Year - Ed Mulhall

    CD of the Year - Jonathan Scott

    Gospel Songwriter - David Anderson

    Memorial Award to Carl "Buzz Whittica" Worthen

    Hall of Fame awarded to Craig Kendall.